FULL TRAINING PER MONTH:  $850:   Each program is tailored to the individual needs of horse and rider,

                                                                     combining flat and jumping lessons and trainer rides.  Horses are

                                                                     ridden 6 days per week unless a lighter program is in place.

* Horses receive daily turnouts (with boots)

* Lunging when indicated ( with boots) 

* Daily grooming, blanketing, feeding of supplements and medication.

*  Coordination and supervision of vet, farrier and bodywork appointments.

TRAINING OPTIONS PER MONTH:   3 lessons per week...$700

                                                                 2 lessons per week...$500

                                                                 1 lesson ...................$275

                                                                  Trainer Ride..............$45

FULL GROOMING: Including tacking and untacking: $350

COMMISSIONS: 10% on all sales, purchases and leases

DAY FEES: Travel to look at horses for purchase:  Full Day:  $250, plus expenses 

                                                                                  Half Day: $125, (4 hours or less) plus expenses 

SHOW FEES:           Deposit: $400 due 2 weeks prior to the date of the show

                                  Day Care:  $70 each day the horse is at the show grounds, including arrival day

                                  This fee covers:  * Daily schooling of horse and rider

                                                              * Setting up and dismantling the drapes and tack rooms

                                                              * Supplies such as Show Sheen, hoof oil, liniment, medicines, etc.

                                                              * Laundry: saddle pads, wraps, show sheets, etc.

                                  Shared Expenses:  customers share the cost of the tack rooms, trainer's hotel room,

                                                                and trainer's travel to and from the horseshow.

                                  Groom: (mandatory) $60, paid daily...tips appreciated